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In The Garden

In The Garden

Step into a world inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Western Australia. Each artwork in this exhibition serves as a vibrant testament to our harmonious coexistence with nature. From the lush gardens of Rocky Bay to the untamed bushlands teeming with diverse wildlife, these pieces depict the profound beauty of our surroundings.

What sets this showcase apart is its collaborative nature, a celebration of the power of artistic expression fostered by the vibrant community at Rocky Bay Art Studio. Within our inclusive space, artists with disabilities join forces, guided by our dedicated team, to share their creative talents and embrace boundless possibilities. With a diverse range of mediums and outlets, such as art, mosaic, craft, textiles, pottery, and meditation, there's something to inspire every visitor.

The garden emerges as a central theme throughout the exhibition, symbolizing the intimate connection between humans and their environment. It represents our integral role within the natural world, as we become intertwined with its essence. As you wander among the artworks, you'll witness the profound interplay between humanity and the ever-present forces of nature.

Nestled within the historically significant Fremantle Shipwreck Museum, our exhibition finds the perfect home that complements its essence. This unique setting not only invites you to immerse yourself in artistic wonder but also offers a chance to delve into Western Australia's rich maritime heritage, enriching your experience even further.

"In the Garden" extends a heartfelt invitation to witness the captivating beauty and intricate complexities of Western Australia's natural environment. Through engaging with this exhibition, you'll gain a profound understanding of the intricate relationships between humans and nature, leaving with a renewed sense of appreciation for the remarkable world we inhabit.