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Podding Leaf - Michelle Mora
Podding Leaf - Michelle Mora
Podding Leaf - Michelle Mora

Podding Leaf - Michelle Mora

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Introducing ‘Podding Leaf’ a stunning work of art that showcases Michelle Mora’s unique vision and energy. Using a combination of pink and purple paint, Michelle has created a beautiful leaf pattern that is both bold and appealing.  
What truly sets this piece apart is Michelle’s approach to the creative process. Rather than simply sitting down and painting, Michelle takes breaks to dance and release energy, infusing each stroke with her own unique spirit and vitality. The result is a painting that is not just beautiful, but truly alive.   
Michelle is a true rockstar of the painting world, and 'Podding Leaf' is a testament to her incredible talent and creative energy. 

Michelle's support worker has assisted her with her artwork description. 

Painted canvas with wooden frame 

1095mm W x 1095mm H

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Podding Leaf - Michelle Mora