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Rainbow Birds - Maeve Morrow
Rainbow Birds - Maeve Morrow
Rainbow Birds - Maeve Morrow

Rainbow Birds - Maeve Morrow

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‘Rainbow Birds’ is yet another masterpiece made by the hand of Maeve Morrow. She works fast and in clusters. As Maeve paints, she likes to explore shapes. Each stroke and contour unfolds as a deliberate dance on canvas, capturing the essence of playful discovery in a choreography of colour and form. 

Half circles or rainbows is one of the forms that takes a centre stage in this work. Maeve is a cheerful young lady who came to Rocky Bay Studio straight out of high school. Maeve likes the sensory tactile stimulation that painting and textiles offer.  

Integrating glitter and soap bubbles into her artwork is something that Maeve loves to do. As Maeve paints, she likes to articulate which shape she will be drawing such as circle, square, triangle or love heart.  

Acrylic on Canvas

1120mm W x 760mm H

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Rainbow Birds - Maeve Morrow