All proceeds from artworks sales go directly to the artists & the Rocky Bay Studio

Collection: Our Secret Garden

Rocky Bay proudly presents ‘Our Secret Garden,’ a vibrant exhibition showcasing the artworks of 31 talented artists living with disabilities. Featuring individual pieces and collaborative artworks across mediums like textile art, painting, collage, mosaic, and ceramics, each creation reflects a deep connection with Western Australia’s stunning landscapes.
 Immerse yourself in the beauty of our natural environment through the eyes of the artists, who have honed their skills at the Rocky Bay Studio. With a variety of creative outlets available at our renowned art groups, artists have the freedom to explore their individual expression, refine their skills, and build confidence.
Held in collaboration with the FRINGE WORLD festival, this exhibition provides a platform for artists to showcase their works to Perth’s vibrant art scene, encouraging wider participation in the creative arts. 

All proceeds from artwork sales support the artists and the studio.

 Proudly sponsored by Hames Sharley.