All proceeds from artworks sales go directly to the artists & the Rocky Bay Studio

Collection: Our Story

Rocky Bay is proud to present ‘Our Story’ a showcase of multi-disciplinary artworks by 29 artists, each with their own unique story to tell.

Their highly personal narratives have escaped the pages of the books that form the canvas and have spilled over the spine and cover for all to see.

Allowing a rare glimpse into the mind of the artist and offering a rich
tapestry of colour, texture, line, and form to be enjoyed by all.

Each artist has honed their skills through attendance at the renowned art groups at the Rocky Bay Studio.

All artworks for the ‘Our Story’ exhibition have been created in-house, mounted on locally sourced second-hand canvas books and finished in white A3 shadow frames.

The Rocky Bay Studio provides multifaceted art and craft classes, giving individuals the opportunity to participate in a broad range of creative outlets, enhance skills and have the space and autonomy to explore individual expression.

In addition, Rocky Bay aims to give individuals the opportunity to display their works to a broader audience as well as encouraging others living with disability to become involved in the creative arts.

For the first time Rocky Bay has joined forces with The Perth Fringe Festival, bringing this exhibition to the QT Hotel in Perth City.

This vibrant inner city location being the perfect setting as it echoes the vibrant art space that is the Rocky Bay Studio.

By exploring artistic voices, personal interests and self-expression, the Rocky Bay studio helps build confidence and a sense of pride through every piece of art created.

Thank you to our show sponsors ES2